We aim to measure blood pressure unobtrusively by monitoring face using just a camera in real-time.


Introduce a camera-based blood pressure monitoring prototype that is based on color change information and resolution enhancement technique

Innovated Solutions

Using video camera imaging, a series of image and signal processing techniques are required to extract vital signs from the image. Figure shows the basic framework, which includes data acquisition, ROI detection, raw signal extraction, noise artifact removal and vital sign extraction.

Remote photoplethysmography (rPPG)

The basic principle behind blood pressure monitoring is extracting

rPPG from the light that is reflected

from the skin and then learning the PTT.

framework of rPPG.

Challenges of rPPG

– Challenges from the camera The characteristics of the camera directly influence the image/video quality and thus the rPPG extraction.

– Challenges from the light source The property of the light is critical to the measurement.

– Challenges from the skin The skin contains many physiological and physical challenges we need to consider when designing solutions

* Selecting of suitable region of interest( ROI )for the rPPG-based BP measuring is essential and challenging first step

* The segmentation of the ROI has effect on the value of the rPPG signal.